Matterport Subscription costs: New changes (2023)


Are Matterport users soon going to pay more than they bargained for?

A recent rumor, attributed to Dan Smigrod, the Founder and Managing Editor of We Get Around Network, suggests that Matterport might soon introduce hosting charges for archived models, potentially generating millions in annual recurring revenue. While this is just a rumor and not officially confirmed, it has stirred up concerns among Matterport users. In light of the potential impact of this change, it’s worth understanding the context behind the potential move so you can decide for yourself how likely it is, as well as enable you to explore possible solutions.

The Context

Matterport’s rumored decision to charge for hosting archived models could be an attempt to reduce their expenses associated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage. Moreover, it could be a response to the company’s underestimation of the costs involved in hosting millions of archived models when it launched its new pricing in 2019. The lack of incentive for users to delete models and the growing number of spaces under management might have contributed to the financial strain on the company.

Possible Solutions

  1. Delete archived models: To minimize the impact of possible hosting charges, you could consider deleting any unnecessary archived models. This way, you would only be charged for the models you actively use and host on the platform.
  2. Upgrade to an annual contract before May 9, 2023: By upgrading to an annual contract before the rumored announcement, you might be able to delay the potential new hosting charges and other pricing changes for 12 months.
  3. Explore alternative services: If hosting charges for archived models do become a reality, it might be worth looking into other platforms that offer unlimited tours and similar features. One such service is TeliportMe, which recently introduced the 3D dollhouse feature for unlimited tours, providing a viable alternative for those who might be considering a change.


While the rumors of Matterport introducing hosting charges for archived models are not yet confirmed, it’s essential to stay informed and consider possible alternatives. Understanding the context behind the potential move can help you make informed decisions about your future usage of the platform. Whether it’s deleting unused models, upgrading your contract, or exploring other platforms like TeliportMe, taking proactive steps can help you navigate any potential changes to the Matterport pricing structure. Remember to keep an eye out for official announcements from Matterport and stay prepared for any updates to their service offerings


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