Kit Adam Keyboard Review & Sound Test (KBDcraft)

Below is my thorough Kit Adam keyboard review (from KBDcraft).

It’s the world’s first (maybe?) LEGO KEYBOARD KIT!

Not only is this a really fun thing to build (the keyboard kit comes with everything you need, almost)…but the keyboard sounds & feels legit!

Kit Adam Bottom Line: This “Lego brick” keyboard is not only really fun & simple to build, but sounds & feels surprisingly good. At $99 for the full kit (which includes switches and keycaps), it’s a fantastic deal. However, there are a few small quirks to be aware of before you buy the Kit Adam!

Let’s dive into the keyboard details ?

Kit Adam Sound Test

Here are some finger taps, followed by my normal typing:

For a MUCH longer sound test, check out the YouTube video just above.

Overview of the Kit Adam Keyboard Kit:

Here are the specs:

Size/Layout It’s officially a 60% size, but it does have a “delete” key (which most 60% don’t have)
Mounting Style Gasket-mounted (meaning that there’s additional padding mounted between the brick case and the PCB, etc. This helps dampen the sound!).
PCB Hot-swappable, meaning you can quickly and easily put different switches in there
Case Material Bricks you put together (not officially “Lego” brand, but they’re well made)
Switches OPTIONAL: S2 Engine switches (linear, 45g operating force). See below for more info!
Keycaps OPTIONAL: OEM profile “White Moon” is available in the full package.
Accessories: Red coiled cable, and optionally some fun Lego Minecraft bricks!
Other: This keyboard is QMK/Via compatible, meaning you can easily customize keybinds, macros, and more.

The Kit Adam is sold in a kit (hence the name), which means you’ll be assembling the keyboard yourself.

kit adam included contents
kit adam included contents

There are two kit options (barebones, and the full kit with switches and keycaps, see below), both of which come with:

  • The bricks you’ll need to build the case
  • The PCB
  • Foam for sound dampening
  • Top plate (that he switches will go into)
  • USB-C cable (red and coiled)
  • Instruction manual
  • A fun extra “Lego” Minecraft person to build

Kit Adam Pricing

At the time of this writing, the Kit Adam keyboard is no longer in the pre-order phase; it’s readily available from the KBDcraft website here.

There are two kits:

  • Base Kit ($69 USD) The keyboard & accessories WITHOUT switches and keycaps. 1 Lego Minecraft person
  • Full Kit ($99 USD), the base kit, plus switches and keycaps. 2 Lego Minecraft people.

Personally, I think this is an absolutely STEAL for that price.

Most premium keyboard kits will run you $150-300, and many don’t sound or feel nearly as good as the Kit Adam.

Feature Breakdown:

Here’s my review of the main features:


I bought the full kit, so I’m using the S2 Engine switches (linear).

But no matter what switches you put in the Kit Adam, this keyboard sounds muted and delightful.

The sound dampening that comes in the kit is REALLY high quality and thick, and the gasket-mounted PCB/plate is really well done. This leads to a softer, quieter keyboard sound (which will hopefully bring out more of the “switch sound.”)

I’ve tried dozens of keyboards and hundreds of switches, and I personally LOVE the way the Kit Adam sounds.


There are some pros and cons in regards to feel:


  • The bricks are sturdy and well made (they fit together well)
  • Gasket-mounted PCB/Plate feels fantastic (it’s not too “springy” or “bouncy” like some gasket-mounted keyboards can get)
  • The bottom of the keyboard (where your hands might rest) is rounded, smooth, and comfortable


  • The keyboard isn’t angled (this might take getting used to)
  • The angle isn’t adjustable
  • It’s a medium height (this could be a PRO as well)
  • The bottom of the keyboard is slick, and it moves around too easily on my desk

The kit did NOT come with any padded feet, etc, and the Lego base slides around with the slightest push.

This is annoying, and I’m going to hot glue some padded feet to mine!

S2 Engine Switches (Full Kit)

These come pre-lubed from the factory, and I think they’re excellent!

The sound profile of these switches is higher-pitched and “tappy,” NOT deep and bassy.

They’re very similar to Akko Silver switches.

White Moon Keycaps (Full Kit)

The Kit Adam keyboard is a nice milky white and grey theme–and I personally ordered the full kit just for the keycaps.

(It reminds me of a space shuttle).

The OEM profile is nice and short (read more about keycap profiles here), and the PBT plastic feels great and won’t shine with age.

NOTE: These keycaps do NOT allow RGB light to shine through the letters/numbers, etc

The Kit Adam keyboard does have full RGB, but they don’t actually shine through the keycaps that much.

QMK/Via Compatible

QMK is a programming language (sort of) where you can change the firmware on the keyboard PCB itself to change things like:

  • Key bindings
  • Macros
  • Macro layers
  • RGB controls
  • and more.

Via is a free software that operates and deploys QMK (so you don’t actually have to LEARN QMK at all).

Many keyboard kits are QMK/Via compatible, and it’s certainly nice to have!

Alternatives to the Kit Adam keyboard kit:

There aren’t many Lego keyboard kits available anyways, and much fewer keyboards that sound and feel as good as the Kit Adam!

That said, I still support two other 60% keyboard kits:

  • D60 Lite (on KBDfans): Roughly the same price for the base kit, and easy to assemble.
  • KBD67 Lite: A 65% keyboard that is AMAZING for the price, and has lots of color options.

Click here to see our 60% keyboard recommendations.

There’s also the MelGeek Pixel, another Lego brick-compatible keyboard! It’s way more expensive, and I personally haven’t tried it yet.

Personally, I like the look of the Kit Adam better.

Yes! And for a price of $99 (for the full kit), I think it’s one of the better sounding and feeling keyboard kits you can purchase.

The 60% size will save you desk space, and the S2 Engine switches are nice and tappy (but if you’re looking for a thocky sound, just purchase the barebones kit and buy separate switches).

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the Kit Adam!

Fantastic job, KBDcraft ?

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