How Many Keys Are On A 100% Keyboard? (Layout Details)

If you need to type lots of numbers (or otherwise like that numberpad for gaming), a 100% full-sized keyboard is for you.

It might take up the most desk space out of any keyboard size–but you have the luxury of EVERY key and feature possible!

Here’s more details ?

How many keys are on a 100% keyboard?

There are usually 104 keys on a 100% keyboard. However, there are a few 100% keyboards that might have 104-108 keys.

And although some 100% keyboards might have some extra media keys, macro keys, etc, the good news is that these full-sized keyboards are pretty consistent across keyboard brands, etc.

100% keyboard keys
A typical 100% keyboard (my Tecware Phantom)

Almost all of the most popular 100% keyboards have 104 keys:

What keys are missing on a 100% keyboard?

100% keyboards generally include ALL standard keyboard keys, including the following:

  • All standard letters, punctuation, symbols
  • The number row
  • The 10-key number pad (usually on the right side of the keyboard)
  • The top function row
  • Dedicated arrow keys
  • The “home cluster” keys (Home, End, Delete, Insert, PageUp, PageDown, etc)

Many 100% keyboards even have more keys, such as media keys, macro keys, or even scroll wheels to control volume, etc.

Also, some 100% keyboards might omit some of the “home cluster” keys, though most have them.

What are some other keyboard sizes?

First, check out our full guide to keyboard sizes here.

Some of the most popular keyboard sizes include:

  • 100% full-sized (has all the keys, function row, arrow keys, numberpad, etc)
  • 96% – Has the same keys, but with no “dead space” in between the key clusters
  • 80% TKL – Doesn’t have the numberpad
  • 75% – Same as 80%, but with no “dead space” in between the key clusters
  • 65% – Doesn’t have the numberpad or function row, but usually has arrow keys and a few “home cluster” keys
  • 60% compact – Doesn’t have numberpad, function row, arrow keys, or home cluster keys
  • 40% compact (doesn’t have a number row)
keyboard sizes
the most popular keyboard sizes

What’s the BEST keyboard size?

This comes down to personal preference, including what keys you need for work or gaming, as well as the desk space you want your keyboard to take up.

That said, the most popular keyboard sizes are 60%, 65%, 75%, 80% TKL, and 100% full-sized.

These offer enough functionality, with the 75% and 80% TKL keyboards being the best balance of functionality and desk space!

How Big/Long Is a 100% Keyboard?

100% keyboards are definitely NOT compact keyboards. They take up a good bit of desk space!

The exact dimensions vary from keyboard to keyboard, but most 100% keyboards are roughly 17 inches long (42cm) and 5.5 inches tall (13cm).

How many switches will I need for a 100% keyboard?

More than 104-108 switches. Since switches often come in packs of 10, I recommend choosing a package of around 110 switches.

It never hurts to have extras in case a switch turns into a dud.

mechanical switches

Click here for our full guide to mechanical switches!

What Are Some of the Best Uses for 100% Keyboards?

There are two main reasons to use a 100% full-sized keyboard: They’re widely available, and some people really need the number pad!

It’s vital for data entry, accounting, and finance, or even games that benefit from using the number pad to move, play, etc.

If you have the desk space and want maximum ease of use, why not? 100% keyboards are plentiful and available at all prices and design options.

Are Keyboard “Sizes” and “Layouts” the Same Thing?

No, they are not. Although “size” and “layout” are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to different aspects of keyboards! “Size” generally refers to both the physical size of the keyboard and how many keys the keyboard has (a 60% keyboard has 61 keys, while an 80% keyboard has 88 keys).

“Layout” usually refers to the arrangement of the keys and shape of some keys, such as ANSI (popular in North America), ISO (popular in Europe), and JIS (Japan).

Additionally, “layout” can also refer to the software arrangement of the typing keys, such as “QWERTY,” Colemak, and Dvorak.

Read our full guide to keyboard layout here.

Here are the top 100% keyboards we recommend:

You can see our top 100% full-sized keyboard recommendations here, but here are a few of our favorites:

Ducky One 3

Ducky recently released the One 3 (upgrades over the One 2 keyboards, although you can still find those of course).

It’s the first hot-swappable keyboard from Ducky (so you can change the switches quickly and easily), and they come with genuine Cherry MX switch options!

At the time of this writing, they mostly only have the all-yellow design for the 100% full-sized Ducky keyboards–but they’ll likely release more designs and colors soon.

Keychron K10

Keychron K10 Full Size Layout White LED Backlit Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard for Mac Windows, Multitasking...
Keychron K10 Full Size Layout White LED Backlit Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard for Mac Windows, Multitasking…

  • The Keychron K10 is a 104 keys white LED Backlight hot-swappable Bluetooth mechanical keyboard made for Mac and Windows. Engineered to maximize your productivity with most popular full size layout…
  • With a unique Mac layout while compatible with Windows, the K10 has all essential multimedia and function keys you need (Num Lock works with Windows only), and comes with a dedicated Screenshot Key,…
  • Connects with up to 3 devices via the reliable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset and switch among them easily for multitasking needs. The K10 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while…

Just like other Keychron sizes, the 100% K10 is hot-swappable, wireless, comes with Gateron G Pro switch options (which are great), and work with Windows and Mac.

At under $100, the K10 is probably the best bang-for-your-buck 100% keyboard, period!

Tecware Phantom 104

TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED (Outemu Red)
TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED (Outemu Red)

  • RGB BACKLIGHTING – Enhance your gaming experience with 18 pre-set configurations on the mechanical keyboard, or create a unique one to match your setup
  • OUTEMU SWITCHES – The gaming mechanical keyboard comes with Outemu mechanical switches for precise gaming and comfortable typing. Spare switches + keycap & switch remover tools are provided for easy…
  • FIBERGLASS PCB – Built with SMD LEDs and FR-4 fiberglass printed circuit board, this Tecware mechanical keyboard is able to withstand extended periods of intensive and hardcore gaming sessions

This keyboard comes in under $40! And surprisingly, it’s not actually terrible.
It may not have a ton of fancier features (it’s not wireless, for one), but it is built solidly and sounds and feels great!

It offers some budget-friendly Outemu switch options right out of the box.

SteelSeries Apex 7 (and Apex Pro)

The SteelSeries Apex 7 (and Apex Pro) keyboards are fantastic.

They’re pretty lightweight, but still have quality switch options that sound great, and also offer cool fancy features like a scroll wheel, an OLED screen right on the keyboard, and USB pass-through support!


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